Talent pools make it easy to find new external talent who offer the skills you need for current or future projects. A few things to note:

  • Talent pools can be set to public or private
  • Public talent pools will be posted to your public portal, allowing anyone to find and apply to work with you. Learn more about your public portal here.
  • Private talent pools require the use of a unique link to access the application. The link can be sent via email or posted in social media if desired.

There are just a few steps to setting up your first talent pool:

First, find the navigation bar on the left side of the screen and select Talent Pools

Click “Create New” to add a new talent pool

Add the following details for your new talent pool:

  • Enter the name for your new talent pool - this describes the type of applicant you are looking for
  • Add a description for the talent pool such as, “Join our pool of CAD Engineers and get matched to the top opportunities in our Talent Network”
  • Edit or customize the header if desired
  • Select a template questionnaire or create a new one
  • Choose whether you want your talent pool to be public or private
  • Click “Create” to make your talent pool live and to post to your public portal if the pool is marked public

Once you have applicants to your talent pool, you can review, approve or deny applicants by doing the following:

  1. Returning to the talent pool tab you used to create the new talent pool
  2. Selecting the pertinent talent pool (you can create as many as you would like)
  3. Click on the Approved view to see the applicants who have already been reviewed and approved to be your company’s external talent
  4. Click For Approval to review pending applications
  5. After review, pending applications can be either approved to be added to your list of external talent or removed from the talent pool
  6. Once an applicant has been approved, they are automatically added and invited to your Shortlist and can be sent documents or assigned to projects

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