Partner payment requests can be reviewed and processed from two locations:

  1. The main Payments tab - invoices from all partners
  2. The Payments tab in the partner's profile

Managing Invoices in the Payments Tab

Once you navigate to the Payments tab you can:

  • View and approve unpaid invoices
  • Review previously completed payments
  • Keep track of rejected payments

Viewing Payments in a Partner Profile

  1. Select the desired partner.
  2. View all their payment activity from the Payments tab in their profile.
  3. Click the dropdown to the right of the payment amount to approve invoices directly from the partner profile. Changes made here will be reflected in the main payments tab. 

Internal team members can add new invoices directly to the partner profile, or add them in the Payments tab and identify which partner to attach the invoice to. When adding a new invoice, for reporting purposes it is helpful to identify which project the invoice applies to (if applicable).

Your partner will be notified whenever a change in status is made to their payment request.

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