The key to successfully implementing your new Shortlist account is to spend some time planning and preparing for questions that may arise. Below you will find a list of topics to help guide your planning activities. If you are short on time and need to get running quickly, check out our Quick Start Guide below for the basics.

Quick Start Guide

Take the following 3 steps to get your organization up and running quickly with Shortlist. Follow the links below to view more information.

  1. Add and invite your internal users
  2. Add and invite your external talent
  3. Organize your external talent into groups so you can quickly find the resource you need

Once you have completed those basic steps, come back to this implementation guide to dig deeper into all Shortlist has to offer!

Platform Elements

  1. Users - In Shortlist, the term "users" refers to individuals using the platform that are internal to your organization. Read more about understanding user roles and planning your users here 
  2. External Talent - Your external talent are your freelancers, vendors, partners and other external talent that you engage with for your business. This is the group that will be managed through Shortlist. Learn more about onboarding and interacting with your external talent here. 
  3. Groups - Groups are the foundation of how external talent is organized in Shortlist. Read more here about setting up groups that fit your organization and business processes.
  4. Onboarding & Workflows - Ensure you collect the information you need from talent, when you need it!
  5. Agreements - Send your external talent agreements for electronic signature and store the copies in Shortlist. Learn more about agreements and setting up their templates here. 
  6. Payments - Manage your incoming invoices and payments, and send automatic updates to payees.
  7. Requests - Post private and public RFP's, RFI's and Assignments. 
  8. Marketplace - Recruit new talent to your network with public and private talent pools.

Best Practices

  1. Processes - It's time to consider all the internal and external processes that will be effected by implementing Shortlist, and who is involved in those processes. Click here for a guide.
  2. Communications - Any change requires clear communication with the people involved. Be sure to plan your communications ahead of time. Click here for more information.