The key to successfully implementing your new Shortlist account is to spend some time planning and preparing for questions that may arise. Below you will find a list of questions to help guide your planning activities.


The example below uses invoicing and payments as a way to help get you started, though these questions should apply to all your internal processes that will be changed and improved by using Shortlist.

What internal processes will be changed by using Shortlist?
For example, invoices will be received via Shortlist upload rather than email or other methods.

Who is involved in those internal processes?
In the example above, your purchasing or accounting department should be made aware ahead of time.

What external processes will be changed by using Shortlist?
External talent will be uploading their invoices to Shortlist rather than emailing them to their contact.

Who is involved in those external processes?
External talent will need to know of these process changes so they can plan accordingly.

It is important to document these process changes and understand how each stakeholder will be affected.


Who in your organization will be using Shortlist?

What roles do these individuals perform in your organization?

How will they be interacting with your external talent?

Will they need administrative access to all functions of the platform, or should they have specific permissions?

External Talent

Do you want to invite all your external talent immediately, or do you want to onboard a smaller group first?

Will you be adding each external talent individually, or will you be contacting Shortlist Support for assistance with a bulk import?


How do you want to organize your external talent? 

Group external talent by like characteristics that fit your business. Shortlist organizes external talent by groups, explained here. Each external talent or freelancer can belong to multiple groups.


  1. Skills or services provided
  2. Geographic location
  3. Etc.


Who needs to be notified that your company will be using Shortlist? 


  1. Internal process stakeholders 
  2. External talent - Shortlist recommends sending an introduction email to all external talent before they receive their invitation from the Shortlist platform. That will ensure they have plenty of time to plan for the change.
  3. Other external entities involved in your company’s processes (accountant, etc.)

When should each stakeholder or group be notified?

If they will be part of the process planning, they should be notified well in advance.

If you have any questions regarding updating your current processes to using Shortlist, please send us a chat, email us or contact your implementation specialist.

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