There are features in Shortlist that you can utilize for only you and your team members to see.

Groups are created to help you organize your external talent. Groups are visible for internal team members to categorize external talents based on your needs.

Internal Notes are used to leave information regarding your external talent. Any information that you would like your internal team members to be aware of can be left as a note.

Tags are used as an additional way to categorize your external talent. You can add a Tag in a talent's profile.

You can add a tag by going to the talent's profile tab and click 'Add tags'

By clicking this, it will give a text field where you can enter your preferred tags. When a tag already exists, it will automatically populate and let you choose what to add. 

Worked with
Internal members can add themselves to a talent's profile once they have worked with a certain talent. This will help you and the rest of the team to be aware and ask for feedback if needed.

Private Feedback
Reviews and ratings help you and your team evaluate what type of performance to expect from your external talent.

Relationship Managers
You can decide who receives notifications from each external talent activity. When you assign a relationship manager on a certain talent, all activities done by the talent will be received by the relationship manager as an email notification.

Custom Fields

There are fields that could have been added to your account during implementation that are only visible for internal team members. Feel free to chat us using our chat widget or send an email to should you want to verify these fields.

Note: Admins and Regular Users have different level of visibility. Please refer to this article for user permissions.

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