Give your talent invitations a more personal touch by sharing invitation links directly from your email. You can also share these links via targeted social media campaign to gather many potential new contacts easily!

Note that Talent may also be referred to as partners, vendors, freelancers, contractors or a custom term determined by your account administrator.

Invitation links give you a more personal way to invite your talent to Shortlist. With these links you can send out invitations from your email or in social media. Links have pre-configured workflows, relationship managers and groups, so you can create different links for different talent categories.

You can even share these links with other team members that don't login to Shortlist. This way they may still contribute to building your network by easily passing invitations to Shortlist to their favorite talent, to get them on-boarded and compliant with your internal policies.

And if you are worrying about maintaining and monitoring how those links are used or how to disable them, we created a bespoke section to manage invite links. You can easily access it at any time from settings/invite links.  

Understanding Invite Links:

  1. From the home screen of your Shortlist account, select the Get Invite Link button in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the onboarding workflow you want to connect to this link. Click here to learn more about onboarding workflows.
  3. Select the Relationship Manager for this invite link (optional).
  4. Enter the Group(s) talent should be added to when they register with this invite link (optional).
  5. Click on the Get Invite Link button.
  6. Copy and paste the link into a custom email sent from your email address.
  7. When your external talent receives your email, they will be able to register for your Shortlist and complete any onboarding items you assigned to this link.