A document can be requested from your talent during the onboarding process. 

Document settings

  • Mandatory document - Check this setting if you require your talent to upload the document
  • Expiry date required - Check this setting if the talent is required to enter an expiry date. This is very helpful for documents that has expiration date such as IDs, certifications, etc. A reminder is sent to the talent with the standard seven (7) days before the expiration of the document. Contact us at support@shortlist.co should you want to modify this.
  • Verification required - Check this setting if you need to review and verify the document the talent uploaded. This allows you to set approval parameters so your internal users can easily reference which uploaded documents have been reviewed for accuracy and which are still unverified. This makes finding and working with fully vetted talent easier and faster - a definite advantage with both short deadlines and long term relationships! 

When a talent submits a document that needs to be verified, it will have the status 'Unverified'. You can review the document and verify or reject by clicking on the dropdown icon for more actions.

You can also send a message to the external talent if the document is rejected to provide additional details.

Follow the steps below to have them submit or upload certain documents based on your requirements.

  1. In your Onboarding template, go to the Upload documents section.
  2. Click on 'Add requested document'.
  3. Click on 'Create new document request'
  4. Provide a Document Name and Description
  5. Choose the Document Type
  6. Select the document settings
  7. Click Save

Additionally, you can create multiple requested documents templates by navigating to Templates > Requested Documents tab > Click on New Document Request button. These can be added to your onboarding templates.

Learn more about Documents and Agreements and Onboarding Templates.