Personalize your public portal to display your public projects and talent pools, in order to invite the best talent to apply.

Setting up your public portal

  1. From your administrator account, click on your avatar to select Settings from the dropdown menu
  2. Select the Portal tab to edit your public portal
  3. Add an attention grabbing cover photo that represents your company and the work you do
  4. Enter a header and description to communicate the type of talent you are looking for
  5. Set your theme color
  6. Add footer links that would be helpful to applicants (Contact us, Help or Privacy Policy are good examples)
  7. Click the Save button at the bottom to make your portal live.

Adding content to your portal

Your portal is where talent can discover and apply to your public projects and public talent pools.

  1. Learn how to add talent pools here.
  2. Find information on adding projects here.

Note: Use the link at the top to view your portal from the public perspective. Sharing it with your network and in social media will help you attract the talent you need.