Help your team focus on only what they need by adjusting user permissions and access levels. Worksuite gives you the flexibility to set module permissions based on team participation or individual role.

Your system administrators can manage internal team permissions for each Worksuite module based on user type and role. They can also design quick-access dashboards to focus your teams and increase efficiency in daily tasks. 


User Types

There are two user types in Worksuite:

  • Admin for administrative users who need access to all aspects of your Worksuite account.
  • Regular for users who don't need everything, just what pertains to their job role.

Setting User Type

  • New users - follow the steps as described in the article on inviting new team members here.
  • Existing users - Navigate to your team page and select the appropriate level in the Role dropdown menu next to their name.

Adjusting Permissions for Regular Users

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu and select User Permissions


2. Use the checkboxes to determine which aspects you want your regular users to have access to. 

Permission Options include:

  • Marketplace - Creating and posting job openings 
  • Tasks and Projects - Accessing tasks & projects
    • Task Team's
    • Able to view tasks and projects created or managed by any member of your team
  • Documents - Viewing, uploading, and sending talent documents for signature
  • Agreements - Accessing signed agreements from talent's profile and agreement templates
    • Access confidential agreements - ability to view sensitive documents from a talent's profile
  • Insights - Reporting on talent status
  • Payments - Accessing, processing, scheduling, rejecting, and flagging invoices
  • Inviting partner - Inviting new talent to your Worksuite account
  • Assigning relationship managers - Assigning who receives notifications of a talent's activity
  • Archive partner - Can archive a talent
  • Send email login link - Can send the email login link when a talent cannot access their Worksuite account
  • Delete partner - Can delete a talent

Note: Regular user permissions can be adjusted on the individual level by clicking on Manage Permissions by their name on the Team mates tab. 

For example, if you have a user who shouldn't have access to create job posts but is needed for payments, you can mark them as a Regular user and individually adjust their settings to remove access to job openings and enable schedule payments or view confidential agreements (W9s).

Team Dashboards

Increase team efficiency and ease of use by building a dashboard for each team. This can be done from your administrator settings - read more detailed information here.


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