Marketplace makes it easy to recruit new talent using Job Openings and Candidates. 

First, find the navigation bar on the left side of the screen and select Marketplace.

Click “New Job Opening” to create a new job opening.

Add the following details for your new job opening:

  • Enter the job title - this describes the job name
  • Add a description for the opening such as, “Join our pool of CAD Engineers and get matched to the top opportunities in our Talent Network”
  • Select an Onboarding workflow.
  • Select Location (optional)
  • Select Approvers (optional)
  • Click “Create Job Opening”.

Once job opening is created, you to make live the job opening and add applicants to it.

Moving from Talent Pools to Marketplace is simple. If you are currently using Talent Pools and haven't upgraded to Marketplace,  reach out to your account manager (or and they will guide you through the steps to leverage Marketplace to attract and manage the best talent for your organization. 

Marketplace Overview Video

Create a Job Opening

Job Openings Overview