Talent ranking helps your team get a clear picture of past performance - at a glance.

Ranks are easy to add to individual talent, or to a group of external talent with the same rank. You can also edit the terms used or even disable ranks.

Note: Only the internal team members are able to see ranks. They are not visible to your external talent.

Adding Ranks to Individual Talent

  1. From your external talent (My Shortlist) tab, select the talent you would like to rank
  2. Click on the medal icon next to the talent's name to select the desired rank

   3. Return to your talent list, and the rank will appear in the upper left corner of the talent's tile

Adding Ranks to Multiple External Talent

  1. From your external talent tab, select multiple talent by clicking the check boxes in the upper left corner of their talent tiles

   2. Once you have selected all the external talent you want to rank, click the "Rank partner" icon at the top of your screen

3. Select the desired rank from the dropdown menu, and the selected talent will all show the rank you selected

Editing and Disabling Rank Terms

If the default terms "gold, silver, bronze or blacklisted" don't fit your business, they can be easily changed by your account administrator.

  1. Go to Settings in the dropdown by your name
  2. Select "Partner ranking" from the menu toward the top of your screen
  3. Click the Edit button

   4. Edit the terms to fit your needs or uncheck the check boxes to disable any ranks

    5. Click "Save changes" to make your changes live

Ranks are only available for internal users to view - your talent will never see the ranking posted to their profile.