Reviews and ratings help you and your team evaluate what type of performance to expect from your external talent.

Each review gives you the opportunity to:

  • Add a text review
  • Tag related skills or services
  • Rate the talent based on 3 criteria
  • Give the external talent an overall thumbs up or thumbs down based on your experience with them

Tip: Adding more reviews from multiple users gives a well-rounded view of the external talent’s performance. Average ratings are based on all criteria ratings, and are displayed on the talent's tile. 

Add a review in a talent's profile

  1. Navigate to the talent's profile 
  2. Scroll down to the "Leave feedback" section

    3. Enter your comments, add the skills or services that relate to your experience, rate them on the criteria listed and give them a general "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" recommendation
    4. Click the blue "Post private feedback" button to save your review

Add a review directly from a request

  1. Navigate to the request you are working on
  2. Under the Awarded section, click on Leave Feedback

Feedback is only available for internal users to view - your talent will never see the feedback posted to their profile.