The more detail in a talent's profile, the better. 
Both the internal user and the external talent can update the profile, making it a robust source of information to help you select the ideal talent.

In the talent's profile, you can:

  • Identify them as a freelancer (for an individual) or company
  • Add a short description of the external talent
  • Add the skills or services they provide (be as detailed as possible here to ensure the best search results)
  • Add links to websites and social media accounts
  • Update contact information
  • Create/edit the portfolio (when applicable)

Follow these steps to edit talent profiles:

  1. From the external talent (My Shortlist) page, select the external talent you would like to edit. 
  2. Use the dropdown menu (three dots) next to the talent's name.

    3. Select Edit profile information to update the profile information, talent photo and portfolio

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