There will always be times when you've learned that your current talent has updated information, status, or portfolio items. Rather than requesting that they access their dashboard to update their profile, you can always quickly edit their profile to reflect the most current information.

Note that Talent may also be referred to as partners, vendors, freelancers, contractors or a custom term determined by your account administrator.


Editing Profiles

The more detail in a talent's profile, the better. 
Both the internal user and the talent can update the profile, making it a robust source of information to help you select the ideal talent.


In the talent's profile, you can:

  • Identify their talent type (ex. freelancer or company)
  • Add a short description of the talent
  • Populate data fields (default and custom)
  • Add links to websites and social media accounts
  • Update contact information
  • Create/edit the portfolio (when applicable)

How to edit profiles

  1. From the Talent Directory page, select the talent you would like to edit
  2. Click on the Actions button below the avatar.
  3. Select Edit profile information to update the profile information, avatar, and portfolio

Editing Portfolios

Portfolios enable you to evaluate your talent's quality of work - at a glance. Ideally, your talent is updating and managing their own portfolios. If you encounter an instance when you would like to update it on their behalf, read below!

Once you click into your talent profiles, their portfolio will be toward the top. If you'd like to see more for each project, select View complete portfolio.

Portfolio tips

Here are a few things to know about portfolios:

  • Images, audios, and/or video links can be uploaded, allowing you to view work examples without ever leaving the platform.
  • You can preview in the talent's profile or click to view the full portfolio
  • Projects can contain multiple images, audios, or videos 
  • Feature the best project to bring it to the top and showcase it first
  • Your talent can upload their own portfolio, which a user can also edit

How to edit portfolios

  1. Navigate to the desired talent
  2. Click on the Actions button
  3. Select Edit profile
  4. Select the Portfolio tab
  5. Either add a new project or edit existing projects.

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