Adding and inviting talent is the beginning of your talent relationships within the Shortlist system. From here, you can manage onboarding, communicate with, manage projects and pay your talent, all within one system!

Note that Talent may also be referred to as partners, vendors, freelancers, contractors or a custom term determined by your account administrator.


Adding & Inviting Talent

You have three options when manually adding new talent, both using the same steps.

  • Add & invite them immediately 
  • Add them now & invite them later
  • Create invitation links to share with your talent

Invitation options

When adding talent, you can choose what information you collect from them, what type of talent they are, which internal teammates manage the relationship, and how you organize them...all in one step! So let's take a closer look below.

Onboarding workflows

After entering the talent's name and email address, you can select the onboarding workflow appropriate to this talent. This is how you manage what information is collected from the talent and monitor how they progress through your internal review process. Click the header to this section to learn more about creating onboarding workflows.

Talent types

You can differentiate your talent based on what type of vendor they are. This information can manage the data collected from them and what forms they complete for you.

Your talent types can be varied, depending on business needs. A good place to start is by differentiating them by freelancer and business, which are default options within the system.

Relationship managers

Adding the relationship manager at this point is optional. However, it is a great opportunity to ensure each talent has a main point of contact to manage their relationship. Click the header to this section to learn more about relationship managers & their roles within Shortlist.


Groups help you find the talent you need quickly and easily. They can be created based on the best criteria for your organization. Click the header in this section to learn more about Groups.

Groups are often defined by talent specialty or location. Talent can be added to multiple groups so they appear in many searches. For example, a software developer in New York could be put into two groups - Software Developers and New York.

Sending the invitation

Once you have completed the above information for your new talent, you can choose one of the following:

  • Save and invite them later.
  • Invite them now with the standard invitation email
  • Invite them now with a personalized message in the invitation email

Bulk invitations

You can send invitations to multiple talents at once:

  1. Click the checkbox in the upper left corner of the talent tiles you want to invite. 

     2. In the top bar, you can select all visible talent if desired.
     3. Click on the Invite To Your Shortlist icon


   4. You will have the option to choose the options as indicated above for single invitations

Invitation links give you a more personal way to invite your talent to Shortlist and are a great way to engage teammates who are not using the Shortlist platform. onboarded 

With these links, you can send out invitations from your email. In addition, links can be configured with workflows, relationship managers, and groups so that you can create different links for different talent categories.

  1. From the home screen of your Shortlist account, select the Get Invite Link button in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the onboarding workflow you want to connect to this link. Click here to learn more about onboarding workflows.
  3. Select the Relationship Manager for this invite link (optional).
  4. Enter the Group(s) talent should be added to when they register with this invite link (optional).
  5. Click on the Get Invite Link button.
  6. Copy and paste the link into a custom email sent from your email address.
  7. When your external talent receives your email, they will register for your Shortlist and complete any onboarding items you assigned to this link.

Bulk uploading talent

If you have a large group of talent to add to your system, please contact (or click the chat window in the lower right corner of your screen). A Shortlist support representative can help you bulk upload talent records.

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