Adding & Inviting External Talent
You have two options when manually adding new external talent, both using the same steps:

  • Add & invite them immediately.
  • Add them now & invite them later. 

In the external talent page, add a new talent by click on the Add Talent button

Section 1: Enter the talent's name and best contact email address

Section 2: Select the onboarding template you want to apply for your new talent. Learn how to create an Onboarding template here

Section 3: Under More Options, you can add a Relationship Manager which will receive the notification of all talent activities

You can also add a Group to help you best organize your talents.

Section 4: Invite talent immediately by enabling 'Email talents and invite them to join your Shortlist account'. You can also use a custom welcome message.

Disable 'Email talents and invite them to join your Shortlist account' to invite the external talent at a later time (this will still create a record which can later be completed or edited)

Sending Bulk Invitations to your External Talent
You can send invitations to multiple freelancers at once:

  1. Click the checkbox in the upper left corner of the freelancer tiles you want to invite. 

     2. In the top bar, you can select all visible talent if desired.
     3. Click on the Invite To Your Shortlist icon

     4. You will have the option to assign an onboarding template that are configured              for your account at the time of invitation.

Bulk Uploading External Talent

If you have a large group of talent to add to your system, please contact (or click the chat window in the lower right corner of your screen). A Shortlist support representative can help you bulk upload talent records.

Viewing your External Talent
To view your list of talent at any time, click "My Shortlist" in the side navigation bar.

Next up: Editing External Talent Profiles