In addition to agreement templates, Shortlist provides a way for you to send individual agreements to your external talent for electronic signature. This is a great way to handle those agreements that change for each talent or each project.

First, create or edit your agreement on your computer outside of Shortlist. (Be sure to leave enough blank space for your external talent to fill in the parts they need to). Once you add your electronic signature, you are ready to upload the agreement to Shortlist!

  1. Select the external talent you want to send the agreement to
  2. Click on the Documents tab
  3. Under Agreements, select the Send agreement for signing button 
  4. When prompted, enter the agreement name, a quick message and upload the agreement.
  5. Click Send to produce the document editor

Use the buttons at the top of your document editor to add fields for initials, text, checkboxes, the external talent's signature and the date of signature.

First click the button for the field you want to place on your document, then click the desired location on your document. Click and drag the lower right corner of the box to resize the field in the document.

Additionally, you can input any supplementary information before sending to your external talent by simply using the Me function. 

Once you are in the Document Editor, choose the field type and place the field in your document. Depending on the requested information, you can either select Me or your external talent. Note that by selecting Me, you will be prompted to enter the value of the field you have added.

When you are done, click the blue Continue button in the upper right corner or your document editor, and the agreement will automatically be sent to your external talent for signature.