Once your agreements are configured for your Shortlist account, you can assign and send them to your external talent for signature.

New External Talent
Invite new talent and send them agreements for signature at the same time. 

First, follow the steps to invite new talent to your Shortlist.

When you click the checkbox to invite new external talent to your Shortlist, you can assign which onboarding template applies to the new talent. You can add an agreement in each onboarding template. Learn here on how to create an onboarding template.

When they receive their invitation to register, the agreements you have requested will be part of their Todo list to complete the onboarding. You will receive notification once the agreement has been signed.

Current Talent
You can also send agreements to talent already in your Shortlist.

From the talent's profile, first select the Documents tab.

Then click the Send new agreement button, select the agreements you would like to send, and click Send. 

Your external talent will receive an email notification that their signature has been requested with a link to the document. You will then receive an email once they have signed.

Once they have signed the Agreement, you can preview or download the file. 

  1. Download the signed agreement by clicking on the Download from the options button (3-dot)
  2. Preview the signed agreement by clicking on the title of the Agreement from the list. A new tab on your browser will load the agreement.