Send agreements to your talent for electronic signature, and have them stored in your talent profile for future reference! You can send agreements in a few different ways - read below to learn more!

Note that Talent may also be referred to as partners, vendors, freelancers, contractors or a custom term determined by your account administrator.

Once your agreements are configured for your Shortlist account, you can assign and send them to your talent for signature.

New Talent
Invite new talent and assign them onboarding workflows that contain the agreements you need signed. Read more about inviting talent and creating onboarding workflows here.

Current Talent
You can also send agreements to talent already in your Shortlist.

From the talent's profile, first select the Documents tab by clicking the ellipses dropdown menu.

Select either the Send from template or  the Upload agreement for signing button. 

If you have a template agreement to send, you will be prompted to select the appropriate agreement.

If you are uploading an agreement from your device, follow the prompts to configure your agreement for signature.

You will be able to configure signature fields as well as auto-fill fields that pull from the talent's Shortlist account, and standard manual text and checkbox fields.

Your talent will receive an email notification that their signature has been requested with a link to the document. You will then receive an email once they have signed.

Once they have signed the Agreement, you can preview or download the file. 

  1. Download the signed agreement by clicking on the Download from the options button (3-dot)
  2. Preview the signed agreement by clicking on the title of the Agreement from the list. A new tab on your browser will load the agreement.