Share the responses submitted by your talent to your external clients for review.

  1. Navigate to the desired request
  2. Under the list of the responses, click on Compare responses

    3. Choose the responses you want to compare

Once you click on Compare responses, it will show you a page that allows you to review the responses side by side.

At the top right part of the page, it gives you the option to share the page to external users for them to review the submitted responses. By clicking the Share button, it will give you a shareable link.

Note: For data security reasons any public comparison view link will be valid for 7 days upon creating a link.

On the comparison view page, you will be able to leave a private note that is only visible to internal users. You can also send a message directly to the talent without leaving the view.

Once you have decided on who you'd like to do the work, you can simply review the response and award the request. Learn how to award here.