Your dashboard page is your landing page when you log in to your Shortlist account. It contains information and an overview of your account.

Section 1

The first part of your dashboard is the summary of your profile information such as your name, location, email and phone number. You can also edit your profile by clicking on the Edit Profile button

Section 2

The Todo list box will show you all the things you need to finish that has been requested by your client.

  1. Onboarding requirements. You will need to input all the information requested to complete your onboarding. 
  2. Request Invitations. You will be able to review all the invitations that are sent your way by clicking on the Review button. You will be able to accept or reject a request once reviewed. 
  3. Sign agreements. When a client requested for you to sign an agreement/document, you will be able to review it from your dashboard.
  4. Complete your profile. When a client requires certain information, it will show in the Complete your profile box. It will give you a guide on the fields that you need to update.

A check mark will be added once you have entered the information

Section 3

You can set your availability to inform your clients if you are available for a project. Learn more about availability here.