When a client invited you to join their Shortlist account, you will be asked to register and go through onboarding.


The onboarding process will guide you on what requirements are requested by your client. 

On your To do list from your Dashboard, you can click on the Complete Onboarding to proceed.

You will then proceed to the first stage of your Onboarding where you will provide all the answers to the initial questions.

Once you are done, you can select the Save and Proceed button to proceed to the next stage or select the Save and Exit button to exit the onboarding page. 

The next stages will depend on the requirements of your client but it may include documents that you need to upload and contracts that you need to sign. 

Once done, you will receive a message that informs you that you have completed your onboarding.

Questions regarding your onboarding requirements? Learn how to send a message in Shortlist here

Should you have any other concerns, kindly reach out to support@shortlist.co for further assistance.