In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about tasks. 

A task is part of a project that is more specific and is assigned to an individual talent.

Where can I find my assigned tasks?

Tasks can be found under the Tasks & Projects > All Tasks tab

When a task has been assigned to you, you will receive an email notification. You can then review it and decide whether to accept or reject the task.

  1. Go to Tasks & Projects
  2. Under All Tasks, click on the task that has the Pending Status 
  3. Review the task
  4. Accept or Reject using the buttons on the upper right side

Once you have completed a task, you can inform your client by marking it as completed. This will inform your client that you have completed your assigned task. It will be marked as Under Review and will need to be approved by your client before it shows Completed.

You can submit an invoice directly from a task in two ways

  1. When you mark your task as completed, you can add a payment by clicking on Add Payment
  2.  Add a payment by clicking on the Add new payment button under Payments.

Sending a direct message through task

Send a message to your client by clicking on the Messages tab. This will go directly to the person who is in charge of the task and project.

Add a file within a Task

Upload a file directly to a task. This will only be visible within the task and only to you and the internal team members.