An employer may invite both individual contractors or a vendor organization to join their Shortlist. 

Many users joining Shortlist may actually even be able to identify as both! 

When registering with your company's Shortlist platform, you will be asked to identify immediately after clicking on the Complete Registration Link:

Once you click that link, you will be asked to provide your First and Last name, as it will appear on the platform. You will also see a Radio Button asking if you are joining as a member of a Company's team.

If you Accept the invitation without selecting this button, you will be registered as an individual freelancer and your tax information will be recorded this way.

If you choose to register as a part of a company, you will be asked to provide the name of that Company. You will be able to enter your company's bank and tax information during the on-boarding process.

Once you've registered, you can edit your profile and update this at any time as well by clicking either "Freelancer" or "Business" and saving: