When your client uses Shortlist, getting paid is a simple process for you. All you do is upload your invoice - no need for emails or phone calls back and forth! Here are a few simple steps for you to follow:

During On-boarding:

  1. Be sure to enter all of the correct bank and tax information during the on-boarding process.
  2. Once registered, quickly double check your profile to ensure that all of your personal payment information is correct.

Submitting Invoices

  1. Upload your invoice to your dashboard (instructions here).
  2. Your client will automatically receive an email notification letting them know you uploaded a new invoice.
  3. Once your client reviews and approves your invoice (or rejects it if there are corrections to be made), you will automatically receive an email notification.
  4. Your client will Schedule your invoice to be processed, according to their pay schedule.
  5. When your invoice status changes from Scheduled to Paid, you will receive another email.

Note: Be sure to communicate directly with your client so you understand their pay schedule.