Manage task related time and automatic invoicing with timesheets!

Once a talent accepts a task, they can start adding the hours they work directly against that task, on the associated timesheet. This will allow you to track and keep a record of how much time they work on a weekly basis.

Timesheets are available for each task that has been assigned to a talent where the fee is set to Hourly Rate. 

A talent will be able to edit the timesheet as long as the status of the task is currently:

  • Pending
  • Accepted
  • Under Review

Once the talent enters their hours, you will be able to see it on the task so that you may approve or reject the time. If needed, you can send a message directly from the task as well.

When you approve a timesheet, you will be given an opportunity to confirm approval before it is finalized. 

Before confirmation, you can select to generate a payment (invoice) based on the timesheet, and can even mark it as approved.

NOTE: Timesheets are based on hours (60 minutes). There's a difference when entering a '.' vs ':'. The ':' means it's out of 60 minutes. The '.' means it's out of 100. So if the rate is 4.75, that means, 5hrs & 45 minutes. (.75 = 3/4 of 60 min).

Please contact us at if you'd like this feature enabled on your account.

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