When you have a project coming up, you can start with sending requests to prospective talent to gather the information you need. Once you have decided who to work with, you can create a Task for the chosen external talent from the request you created.

Note: The request should be in Evaluating status meaning it has been closed for accepting proposals. 

To begin, click on the 'Create Task' button on your Request page

You can either create a new task or choose an existing task.

Create New:

  1. Provide a Task name
  2. Add the task to a project (Create a new one or select an existing project by searching from the field)
  3. Provide a task description. By default, the system will copy the description from the request. You can change this by turning off the Copy description from RFP/RFI button

If you have an existing task in place, simply go to the Choose Existing Task tab and it will give you a search bar that will allow you to search for existing tasks on your account.

Learn how to create a project here.