Create a task when you already have a talent you want to work with for a specific assignment (or plan on having one soon).

Under a Project, click on the 'Add task' button from the right part of the page.

Provide the information for the Task

  • Name task - Provide a name for your task
  • Partner - Select the external talent you have chosen to work for the task (task can be left in Draft state if talent is not yet determined)
  • Task manager (optional)- Select a member from your team that will look over the task and will be receiving all activities done by the external talent
  • Description (optional)- Provide a summary or description for the task
  • Start/End date (optional)- Set the duration on when an external talent can start working on the Task and when it needs to be done
  • Type of fee - Specify the type of fee (Hourly rate, Weekly rate, Day rate, Total fee)
  • Rate - Can be Hourly, Weekly or per Day
  • Total fee - Specify the total fee or budget for the specific task
  • Skills (optional)- Select the Skills or services requirements 
  • Milestones - Add milestone to define different milestone(s) in their tasks

Once a task has been created, it will default to "Draft" mode. Only by making a task live will your external talent be notified and asked to accept.

In some cases, tasks can be the same but needs to be assigned to a different external talent. To avoid the time consumed in creating the same details for a task, you can create a duplicate and assign it to a different talent.

To duplicate a task, simply click on the dropdown menu on the right side of the page and click on Duplicate.

Agreements can also be added should you need to use for a statement of work type of task. You may contact your Account Manager or contact us at for more information.

Learn more on how to add a payment within a task here.