Question: How will I know if I've been invited to submit a proposal?Answer: You will receive an email notifying you that you have been invited. 

Question: How do I see the request details?Answer: The email invitation will contain a link to view the request details. You will also see an indicator on your Dashboard under Todo list that you have a request invititation.

Question: Do I have to accept the invitation to submit my proposal?Answer: Yes, you must accept the invitation to submit a proposal. However, you can review the request details before accepting or declining the invitation.

Question: If I need to decline the request invitation, will I be able to explain why?Answer: Yes, you will have an opportunity to include a note with your declined response.

Understanding Requests - Request Tabs

There are four tabs at the top of your project screen, under the project name:

Request Tab - This is where you will find the description and details. It is also where you will submit your responses to the request questionnaire and other proposal information.

Public Message Board - Any questions or messages posted here will be available to both the company posting the request and other people responding to the proposal invitation.

Direct Message - This is where you will receive private messages from the company posting the request. If you respond to a message here, the response will only go to the person in charge of the request, not to other people responding to the request invitation.

Updates - This is where you will find information regarding any updates to the request details.

Understanding Requests - Request Sections

Request details are found at the top of the request tab - this is where the company posting the request provides information regarding the request scope, requirements, budget, etc. Your responses will be added in the sections below the request details.

As you provide your proposal by completing the required fields, be sure to be as thorough as possible. Complete all the fields, even if they are not required, and upload the requested documents. Providing thorough information will help the request manager understand exactly what you are proposing.

When you are satisfied with your proposal, be sure to click the Submit Response button. 

You have the option to make changes to your proposal until the request is closed for further submissions. To do so, simply click the banner at the top of your screen.

You will receive notification if the request manager has any questions regarding your proposal, and once the request has been awarded.