A task is part of a project that is more specific and is assigned to an individual talent.
Task status' help track the life cycle of your task, from when it is created, made live to when it is completed.

Below are the statuses in tasks:

Draft - When a task is created it is always in 'Draft' status unless it is made live.

Pending - Once the task is open and made live, the status of it is changed to 'Pending'. The pending status indicates that the task needs to accepted or rejected by the talent to whom it is assigned.
The talent will receive an email notification to approve or reject the task.

Accepted - If the talent clicks on 'Accept' to accept the task, the status of the task changes to Accepted.

Completed - The status of the task will change to Completed once the task manager it as completed.

Rejected - If the talent clicks on 'Reject' to reject the task, the status of the task changes to Rejected.

Canceled - The task is showed with this status when you cancel the task.

Archived - When you archive the task.

Under Review - When the talent marks the task as 'Mark as completed', the task is 'Under Review' as it goes for review to the task manager.