Shortlist allows users to create new rates (edit the name of an existing rate or add a rate type), choose a default one, and then use these rates when creating Tasks.

This setting can be done by navigating to Settings -> Custom Rates.

Rate Types:

By default, there are going to be 3 rates turned on for the tenant: Hourly rate / Hours, Daily rate / Days. Weekly rate / Weeks. Out of which we can select one as a default rate.

Rate Availability:

Availability of the rates can be changed by editing them by the vendor type.

  • Available = Buyer can see / edit this rate
  • Visible = Vendor can see this rate
  • Editable = Vendor can edit this rate

Custom Rates in Tasks

Custom rate in Tasks in pulled directly from rate value in the vendor's profile. The rate value selected for the vendor will be pulled directly into the task when the partner is selected.