Tasks and Projects help you organize and assign work to your external talent. You can duplicate projects and tasks and then modify them depending on your needs. 

Click on the three vertical dots corresponding to the project or task name in the projects and task section to see the option to duplicate the records.

Points to consider:

  1. We can duplicate a complete project. This will retain all the information from the project which you have duplicated like tasks, talent or milestones in tasks. Make sure to make changes before making it live.
  2. We can remove the tasks or add new task to a duplicated project as per the requirement or edit the task as per needs.
  3. Once the task is made live, it is not possible to remove / delete the task.
  4. We can duplicate the project and tasks irrespective of what their status is.
  5. The talent detail is also copied when duplicating the project or task. Hence, make sure to update the talent detail in task before making it live.

To know more about Projects and Tasks refer to the below help article: