Milestones section in tasks allows users to define different milestone(s) in their tasks.

  • Milestones fields: Name (mandatory), Description (optional), Milestone Manager (optional), Deliverables (optional) and Milestone Fee % (mandatory). Predefined % that will help buyers generate payment for the milestone based on the total budget specified in the task.

  • Milestones status:¬†
    Not completed (default) - This is a default status when milestone is created for the first time in the task.
    Submitted: Once the vendor submit the milestone the status changes to Submitted.
    Approved: Once the task owner approves the milestone submitted by vendor.
    Rejected:  Once the task owner rejects the milestone submitted by vendor.

Adding Deliverables to Milestone

Deliverables questionnaire are added as a part of milestone creation and is optional.

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