When you register and join a company's Shortlist account, you are making it easier for them to collaborate with you on projects that fit your skills & services.

Shortlist helps companies to better manage their partners' and vendors' information, engage with them for projects (including RFPs) and process payments/expenses. When you communicate with a company through Shortlist, you are able to keep track of both those conversations and the important documents that you share, rather than trying to track down past emails individually.

When you receive an invitation, it is important to complete the following:

  1. Follow the email link to register and join 
  2. Complete your profile. It is important to provide as much information as possible so your customer can understand what your specialties are - when it comes time for a future opportunity

A completed profile includes:

  1. Description of your business & what you do - this information will be prominent in your profile so be sure it is complete!
  2. Contact information - add your best email address, phone number(s) and address.
  3. Social media and website links - this information will help your customer have easy access to what you are capable of.
  4. A List of your skills and services (be as complete as possible here, it’s a big part of how the company will find you when searching through their Shortlist)
  5. Tax information
  6. Your portfolio
  7. And don't forget to sign any documents your customer has sent you via Shortlist!

Your customer will receive an email notification when your registration is complete, but it’s a nice touch to send them a quick message via your account so they know you’re up and running.