Introducing Data Request Stage! 

We have unified the Data Collection and Questionnaire stages to host one stage that can be used to capture Profile Information, Questionnaire data, and Requested Documents. 

This gives you the flexibility to collect multiple data points from your talent in a single stage for a streamlined experience. 

Setting Up Data Request Stages: 
Simply edit your workflow and add a Data Request stage to either an external-facing or internal-facing stage. When editing the stage, you can select between adding a Profile Field, Question, or Document Request.

Note that Profile Fields are visible on the talent's profile. To add custom Profile Fields, reach out to your account manager or submit a request here:

Common Use Case: 
If you currently collect information in two stages for Data collection & Questionnaire, you can now combine them using a single Data Request stage making it easier for your candidate to submit their information.

Note for Existing Customers: 

In couple of days, you will notice that Request Data stage replaces both Data Collection & Questionnaire. If you are currently using legacy 'Data Collection' and 'Questionnaire' stages, you can continue to do so with no impact or loss of data. But if you want to add a new data stage then you will have to use Data Request as Data Collection stage will be completely replaced and will not be available in the drop-down. For questions or ways to optimize your workflows, please reach out to your account manager.