Our Summer Update is Almost Here! 
Based on your highest requested features, you'll enjoy upgrades to Onboarding Workflows, Job Openings and more. 

If you have any questions, or would like to demo the new features, please reach out to your account manager for more information. 

Second Level Navigation
Enjoy an even better user experience as you navigate the Shortlist platform. With the enhanced UI menu, you'll have the ability to pin custom menu items such as your most-used filters and other bookmarks.
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Distraction-Free Mode in Onboarding for Team Members
A new view for internal stakeholders that's great for a holistic glance during your onboarding workflow. The freed-up space allows stage managers to focus on data input while easily referencing freelancer information. Did we mention it's optimized for mobile use?
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Enhanced Onboarding Stages 
Unify different types of data requests in our new onboard stages. Now, you'll no longer need to have multiple stages for profile fields, questions and document inquiries.
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Search Job Openings 
With the new search field in Marketplace, you'll be able to surface job openings for queries like internal managers, past openings, or any keyword that appears in a job.
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Embedded Workflows in Job Openings 
Get the full scope of your onboarding workflow right in the job opening. View stages, candidate progress, and results from your outreach.
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