Integration using Zapier will help you to integrate two platforms and will make it possible for you to automatically synchronise payment and billing information, enhance your accounting activities, improve efficiency in payments and billing and enhance your workflow and communication between the two systems.

The integration can be inbound to Shortlist from other app or can be outbound from an app to Shortlist.

First, you will need to register to Zapier that Shortlist leverages to connect with thousands of different apps. 

Once you create your account, go ahead, and click on this link to add Shortlist app to your Zapier account:

Note, Shortlist Zapier app is currently still in beta phase so you will need to click on the above link to get access to it. 

You should see following screen. Click Make a new Zap:

Step 1. Configure connection with the source Account

From the app list, select Source App. The App you select will depend whether the data is moved from Shortlist to the other platform or from another platform to Shortlist.

Next Choose Trigger Event. 

NOTE: For Shortlist URL, follow the patter in the description, <customer> where customer is your account name.

Do not include "https://" or "http://"

Step 2. Configure a trigger.

Now, we need to Zapier what should trigger the action in destination app.

You will get a chance to test your trigger. I would encourage you to do that. 

Zapier will pull some sample content from your account. 

Click Test & Review.

Step 3. Connect your Destination account

Search and select it from the list.

Next, lets' tell the app what to do by selecting the Action Event.

Step 4. Pushing your Zap live.

Now the last step is to turn your Zap ON. 

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