First, you will need to register to Zapier that Shortlist leverages to connect with Google Calendar and thousands of other apps. 

This tutorial will create a Task Start Date in Google Calendar each time a Task is created in Shortlist.

Once you create your account, go ahead, and click on this link to add the Shortlist app to your Zapier account:

Note, the Shortlist Zapier app is currently still in the beta phase, so you will need to click on the above link to access it. 

You should see the following screen. Click Make a new Zap:

Step 1. Configure Shortlist connection

From the app list, select Shortlist. While we are in the beta stage, you may see a lot of versions available. Make sure to select 1.05 as per the image below.

Next, Choose Trigger Event. Since we are creating a Task Start Date in Google Calendar only when a new Task is created, we need to select "New Task"

Now, you should be prompted to Sign In and Continue. Go ahead and click on the blue button.

If you are using version 1.05, you will need to enter Shortlist URL.

For Shortlist URL, follow the pattern in the description, <customer> where the customer is your account name.

Do not include "https://" or "http://"

If everything went well, you should see the following screen. Click Continue and move to Step 2.

Step 2. Configure a trigger.

Now, we need to Zapier what should trigger the action in Google Calendar.

As we said initially, we will add a new event in Google Calendar as soon as the task is created in Shortlist.

Next, you will get a chance to test your trigger. I would encourage you to do that. 

Zapier will pull some sample content from your Shortlist account. As long as you have some new tasks in your account, it should work fine. 

Click Test & Review, and you will get 3 recent tasks pulled. 

Great, you are halfway there! Next, we need to tell Zapier what to do when it detects that a new task is created.

Step 3. Connect your Google Calendar account

Type Google Calendar and select it from the list

Next, lets' tell Google Calendar what to do. You will see that Google Calendar has made a lot of action events possible. In this tutorial, we will use Create Detailed Event.

Click Continue and Select Google Calendar account.

You should see the following screen if everything went well. Click Continue to Step 4, where we customize the detailed event.

Step 4.  Customize Detailed Event

Final step! Now we are going to customize detailed events in Google Calendar and map the fields with Shortlist.

Starting from the top. 

4.1 Calendar

Select the Calendar you have linked the account with.

4.2 Summary

You can leave it blank; unless you are using custom payments fields in Shortlist, you won't need this.

4.3 Location

Again, you can leave it blank.

4.4 Description

This is optional, but you can use anything from the list like Name for example.

4.5 Start Date & Time
For the Start Date & Time, pick Date Start. This is taken from Shortlist Task.

4.6 End Date & Time

For the End Date & Time, pick Date End. This is taken from Shortlist Task.

4.7 Repeat Frequency

Select a frequency(Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) to make this event repeating.

4.8 Repeat until

For example, you can select Date End so that the meeting is repeating till the task ends.

4.9 Repeat How Many Times?

Enter the number of times the event repeats.

4.10 All-day

Select Yes if it is an all-day event; otherwise, select No.

4.11 Color

This is optional.

4.12 Attendees

This email address will be invited to attend the event.

4.13 Visibility

Let the default option be selected.

4.14 Use Default Reminders

Select Yes or No, depending on whether you want to use default reminders or not.

4.15 Reminders

This can be left blank as it is optional.

4.16 Minutes Before Reminders

This can be left blank as it is optional.

4.17 Show me as Free or Busy

This can be left blank as it is optional.

4.18 Guests can modify Event

This can be left blank as it is optional.

Step 5. Pushing your Zap live.

When everything is, you should screen as per below. 

Now the last step is to turn your Zap ON. Now with every task created, there will new event created in Google Calendar.

To learn more about other Shortlist features, check out

If you have any configuration changes you'd like to make to your account, please use this link to submit a change request:

Let us know if you have any questions or need additional support by emailing us at