Note that Talent may also be referred to as partners, vendors, contractors or a custom term determined by your account administrator.

You can archive talent from the following locations: 

  • Talent profile (ACTIONS menu) and bulk actions in My Shortlist
  • Archived talent will be hidden from Shortlist and can always be restored later.

Below are a few items to note when archiving talent:

  • When a talent is archived, users can't dd them to a task / request / job opening until they are restored to the active talent status.
  • Archived talent don't come up in any searches within the application (drop downs, lists, search etc.)
  • They will be hidden from any groups (including shared groups), Marketplace, and My Shortlist
  • They will not receive any email notifications / reminders.
  • The archived talent's profile will be marked with 'ARCHIVED' status and will have the option to RESTORE them back.
  • Users can access archived talent through the Archived Partners section, that will contain all archived talent. This section is available from the menu when we click on the initials in the left bottom.

After restoring talent back from the archive, they will be placed in the same groups they were before. If they were registered before, they should automatically regain access to their accounts.

Archived Talent - profile:
Archived Talent's profile will have the option to restore the talent back.

There will be no option to add documents, add to task/project, etc.

List of Archived Talent:
To view the list of all archived talent, click on the initials on the bottom left and click on 'Archived Partners'.

Bulk Archive Talent:

To archive talent in bulk, select the talent from My Shortlist and there you will get option to archive.