Below are the steps to integrate your Shortlist account with XERO using Zapier:

In your Shortlist Account

Step 1. Create custom fields that you would like to be imported to Xero when an invoice is created in Shortlist

Step 2. Add the custom field template when creating a task

Step 3. Select values based on the fields applicable to the task created

In your Zapier account

Step 1. Click Make New Zap and Select Shortlist
Please reach out to to get an invite to our Zapier app.

Step 2.  Choose Trigger - Payment Status Changed

Step 3.  Connect an Account

API ID: Please request details from 
API Secret: Please request details from
Shortlist URL:

Step 4.  Setup Options - Select the Appropriate Status

Step 5. Add to Xero

Create your template with appropriate data

Finally, Turn your Zap ON

Need more information regarding our integrations? Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email us at