Advanced Search Capabilities are used to quickly identify talent based on keywords on a talent's record. Check out the different capabilities you can use to find keywords within your talent profiles. 

A search will provide results on all things related to your Talent, including:

  • Talent Profile
  • Job Openings
  • Requests
  • Tasks/Projects


Single word search: Type a word to show results for any talent who has the word in their profile. 

  • Example: consultant → will return talent with the keyword consultant on their profile

Multiple words or phrases: Searching multiple words without quotes will return results that include both words but not necessarily in that exact order or sequence. 

  • Example: consultant manager → will return talent with both words 'consultant' and 'manager' on their profile. 

Quotes: Use quotes to search for an exact phrase. 

  • Example: "consultant manager" → will return talent with the exact phrase 'consultant manager' 

Tips & Tricks:

Each word can contain up to 2 mistakes depending on word length, however, the first letter in the keyword has to be correct.

  • deer → will match dear as well
  • do →will match doing 
  • bad → will match bedding
  • bad → will not match sad

The symbols . , : ; @ ! ? _ are treated as space, all other symbols are treated as text, including punctuation.

  • Product&Developer → will match 'Product&Developer'
  • Product:Developer → will match 'Product' and 'Developer' keywords individually

An exclusion search is performed by using a dash preceding a word (-). This will exclude the word from the search

  • -manager → will give all the talents who don’t have the keyword ‘manager’ in their profile.