The development sprint for this month included new features, bug fixes and improvements within Shortlist platform.


New Features:

  • Teams & Dashboards: Set a new welcome screen that's customised to specific teams. Dashboards enable relevant team members to take instant action on appropriate tasks.
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  • Task template setup within Job Opening to accommodate automatic creation of task once freelancer completed the onboarding
  • Assigning task to freelancer through action stage of onboarding workflow
  • Information Stage in Onboarding that includes data from Job Opening and from Task Template set in Job Opening

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes issues in Job Opening list which contained archived jobs.
  • Addresses an issue with comparison chart listing contractors more in number then who have responded to the Requests.
  • Resolves an issue with dynamic manager not able to fill stages from onboarding workflows
  • Fixes issue with 'Award' button not clickable in comparison view of Requests
  • Addresses issue with not able to move ahead of bank details stage 



  • Ability to update Review labels for Quality, Delivery, Value for money