Bulk Import / Upload of freelancers in Shortlist is a new feature which will help you add talent to Shortlist in bulk by preparing a data template of the talents and uploading it via Import tool.

Click on 'Add Partner' link in My Shortlist.

To bulk add talent click on the link 'Need to add a lot more partners'.

This will navigate you to a dialog box wherein you have to download the template which will be used for inputing talent's data and after that importing the data.

Use 'Download Template' link to download the template.

Note: 1. Make sure to save the data template in .csv or .tsv file format.
2. Email attribute is mandatory to be filled in the template and has to be unique for each Talent.

Once the data template is ready with all the required Talent data, click on the 'Start Import Tool' link.

You get two options: One is to click on 'Upload data from file' and upload the data template you created OR to manually enter data here. 
Recommended option will be to go with the option of uploading data from file to avoid and discrepancies.

Validate by clicking 'Yes' that the rows contains columns of the fields.

Next step will be to match columns. Here you can check the mapping of your columns and change the mapping if incorrect. Also, the system notifies you if there is a syntax error like missing a required field, for example, Email Address missing for a Talent.

Click on 'Review' to move to the next stage wherein you can repair the issues if any and update the data.

The cell will be highlighted in red if it is a required attribute and has not been entered. Also, the required columns will be marked as required.

For easy visibility of those rows which have problems and needs to be corrected, you can turn on the toggle switch for 'Only show rows with problems'.

After correcting the data, click on Complete.

Once you get the message Bulk import completed, navigate to My Shortlist and search for the Talent you have included in the file and they should now be part of My Shortlist.

Please validate data for a couple of Talent to confirm if the data was successfully imported into Shortlist.

Let us know if you have any questions or need additional support by emailing us at support@shortlist.co