Create opportunities for new or existing talent to express their interest in! You can add a workflow to vet candidates and even automate task creation when you find the right candidate for the job!

Note that Opportunities may also be referred to as Job Openings, Requisitions, or Marketplace listings.

Create a new opportunity

1. Navigate to Marketplace tab in the side navigation bar.

2. Click on New Job Opening button.

2. Fill in the required and optional details of the opportunity such as Job Title, Description, etc. 

3. Select the workflow candidates should complete and click on Create Job Opening. Now you can select if you want to make this opportunity public or invite-only. When you select 'Public' option it will be posted on your Public Portal. Read more on workflows here.

NOTE: If you’d like a static custom field, please reach out to your account manager.

3. The opportunity will be in Draft status until it is set to live.

4. To make the opportunity live, click on the Make Live button. You will be given the option to add talent groups or individual talent at this time. You can also decide whether the opportunity will be posted publicly, privately, or via direct link that you can send out via email or social media.

5. Once the opportunity is made live, the status will change from Draft to Open. You will be able to immediately see the status of invited talent (this will default to Not Started until they begin their submission to the opportunity), and other key information.

6. After it is open, applicants can proceed applying for the opportunity. 

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