The Information stage can be used to "pull-in" data from your Job Openings template.

This stage will collect data points from the existing Request Data stage and any fields from the template in your Requisition creation settings to streamline the experience for talent and internal stakeholders. Here, your talent or stakeholder will be able to provide confirmation on the details or ask additional questions before they accept or approve the Requisition. 

Setting Up Information Stage: 
Simply edit your workflow and add an Information stage to either an external-facing or internal-facing stage. When editing the stage, you can select between adding fields from Requisition, Workflow fields, or Content.

To add global custom fields in task template or requisition, reach out to your account manager or submit a request here:

Common Use Case: 
If you want to collect information in the onboarding process and get it reviewed by the worker, you can use Information stage by pulling data fields from requisition. Talent then reviews the information and data and and click 'Approve' if accepts. The label of the Approve button can be changed.

This stage can be combined with an action stage 'Assign Task' in the onboarding workflow to assign the task on acceptance of the requisition and task details in the information stage.

For more information or to set this up for your account, reach out to your Account Manager or raise ticket at