Did you know you can use the Marketplace module to post and share requisitions for upcoming work? This can be a useful feature for vetting new candidates for defined work needs, quickly assigning work for your onboarded talent, or executing RFI-style submissions for an upcoming project. 

When you post a new 'Job Opening', you have the ability to share the requisition with your internal worker pool and/or external talent sources. Below we'll show you several ways you can leverage the Marketplace module to get the most out of your Requisition workflow in Shortlist. 

Adding Your Talent:

Once you've built and saved your requisition, you'll have the opportunity to add your Shortlist partners. By using the quick search option, you can add a vendor (by name), one of your partner 'Groups' or an email (for new candidates not yet present in Shortlist). New candidates will be automatically created when the Job Opening is made Live.

Note: The search option will only be available in Draft mode. Once Live you can can still add vendors from the Add a specific candidate option in the right hand sidebar.  

Public vs. Invite-Only Requisitions:

Once the job opening is Live, its visibility can be controlled in the Candidates tab of the Job Opening.

  • PUBLIC - will become visible on your public Portal
  • INVITE-ONLY - not visible on your public Portal (Default) 

To toggle the visibility, select the dropdown in the right hand sidebar. 

Link Sharing:

Below the visibility options, you'll see the option to enable Link Sharing. Once you generate a link, you can share this on third-party sourcing sites or in emails or other direct means. You can also send it to your Shortlist talent via bulk message. This is a good option if you want to use your talent filters to surface specific skills and send only to those partners.

NOTE: Link sharing has no connection to Public Portal visibility.

Job Application Portal:

All the public job opening can be made available in the job application portal within Shortlist where all the job opening will be listed and candidates can directly apply from the portal.

Note: The link to the portal can also be embedded in your website for unveiling the open jobs in you company.


Now that you've sent out your requisition to Shortlist partners or other external candidates, it's time to see the results. Those you've added will now be listed in the 'Candidates' tab of the requisition. 

Assigning Work:

The candidate tab will also feature the following action items next to each candidate:

  1. Assign to Task - If you'd like to award this partner a task, select this option to assign the partner to a new or existing Task. (Note: You can also use the Auto-Task creation option in your Requisition builder and pair it with the "Assign to Task" action stage in your onboarding workflow setup to automate this step).
  2. Move to My Shortlist - For those new to your Shortlist, you'll be able select this option to send an invitation for them to create a Shortlist account. 

If you have any questions around the features and want to learn more about it, feel free to reach out to help.shortlist.co or reach out to your Account Manager.