In some cases, hiring managers may deal with a third party staffing supplier or vendor who manages their own book of contractors. With our latest release, you can now offer these entities the ability to bring in and manage those contractors who will serve as a mediator between administrator and worker and perform different actions on behalf of the administrator. You can think of this as a Parent-Child relationship where Parent is the staffing provider and the Child is the end worker. 

Reach out to your Account Manager or to request Supplier and Worker talent types to be added.

Once initiated, the Staffing Suppliers option is added to the side taskbar just below 'All Partners' where all your suppliers will be listed. You can add any new staffing supplier directly in this section by clicking Add Staffing Supplier, exactly how you would in your All Partners page.

The new Staffing Supplier should be assigned as 'Supplier' in the vendor type options (Note: this can be named specific to your business conventions).

For any existing vendors who need to be switched, be sure to change their vendor type to 'Supplier'. This can be done quickly by using the bulk menu functions on your 'All Partners' page after clicking 'Change vendor type'.

Functionality available to the Staffing Supplier:

1. Can Add Worker

Note: This will not invite a contractor to Shortlist. The admin will still send the invitations from their end.

2. Can browse his worker for whom he is the Staffing Supplier. Fields visible are Name and Location. You can also select which fields will be visible using the '+' sign in top right corner of a table.

3. Can create an invoice for a linked worker. This invoice raised will for the 'Supplier' and therefore not be visible to the attributed worker.

Note: Administrators can also create an invoice directly for the worker which would then be visible to them.

Views from the Administrator perspective: 

Administrators can identify the associated Staffing Supplier related to the worker by:

1. Searching for the worker's profile.

2. Within the worker profile under the section 'Staffing Supplier', just below the Availability module. 

3. In the Onboarding stage preview section.

4. Ability to filter worker by Staffing Supplier.

5. Display workers in Worker tab inside Staffing Supplier's profile.