Bulk Import feature allows to bulk upload Tasks and Projects data using a spreadsheet loader.

Below are the steps to be followed:

1. Populate the shared template with the data for tasks and projects to be imported.


Note: Worker Email, Project Name and Task Name are mandatory columns to be filled in. Rest of the columns can be kept empty.
The Date format to be used for Task Start and End Date is YYYY-MM-DD.


2. Navigate to Tasks & Projects->Projects and click on Bulk Import.


3. Select the file you have prepared and click on ‘Upload and test’.

4. Once the test upload is successful without any errors, click on ‘Start real import’.


5. Check if the real import is successful.


6. Navigate to front end to check the tasks and projects are imported.




1. Workers should be added in Shortlist before adding/assigning tasks through bulk import.

2. If there are any errors, try to resolved it by updating the template and going through the steps again with the updated template.

Reach out to Shortlist support at support@shortlist.co or your designated account manager to enable this feature for you.