How to create a Job Opening which can be used for internal requests, task assignment, recruit new talent, etc.? 

To create a new requisition by clicking on 'New Job Opening' and entering the relevant information for the job opening like selecting requisition Workflow, type of requisition, and task template setup.
The enhanced job opening editor allows you to use task templates within requisition to reduce the manual effort of creating tasks and help in automatically creating tasks for the candidates once completing the requisition workflow successfully. The fields requested in the job opening for tasks is mapped to what is used when creating the tasks manually from Tasks & Projects section of the Shortlist platform. Enter the details of the task which would be assigned for this job opening in the job opening form itself.

Note: You can add a new project that doesn't exist directly from the requisition task creation page.

Select the workflow and the type of requisition: Public or invite-only and other fields which are mandatory and applicable for you.

Note: Job Openings support rich text and custom fields, including the option to have questionnaires that you can use to screen candidates during the application process. If you need setting up custom fields, reach out to Shortlist support to help configure it for you.

Save the job opening template after filling all mandatory information. This will create requisition in 'Draft' status. Before making the requisition live, next step will be to add candidates applicable to it.

You can add candidates present in Shortlist and outside shortlist in the 'Candidates' tab and click on 'Make Live' to publish the requisition.
Note: Once the job opening is live, you can't edit the workflow selected within the job opening but can edit other details for the requisition and task setup and also add additional candidates to it. 

The 'Candidates' tab will list all the candidates who are part of the requisitions in job opening and are still not part of Shortlist.

Once the requisition is live, the candidates added to the requisition will go through the requisition workflow stages defined for them.

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