After sending more than a million payments over the last several years, we’ve learned a lot about how best to get money delivered as quickly as possible. Over the past six months, we’ve invested significant resources to take all of our lessons learned and build them into the platform to benefit our customers and their talent.

Enhanced Features Available on Shortlist Pay:

  • Faster delivery time; payments delivered in as little as 2-3 days instead of 5-7 days

  • Ability to receive payments in any currency (all non-sanctioned currencies supported)

  • Enhanced Bank Details Collection Form validated against our country-specific rules engine that continues to learn from previous payments failures to avoid future ones

  • Enhanced KYC/AML rules to ensure compliance with money transfer regulations and to keep you and your money safe

  • Significantly improved first-time delivery rates

  • Significantly reduced resolution time for payment delivery issues

Future Features Coming to Shortlist Pay:

  • Automated Proof of Payment documents

  • Optional Early Cash Out option, for a small fee

Action Required: Please note that you will need to enter your banking information using our enhanced Bank Details Collection Form when requested by the system. As with our previous system, all bank details are secured with banking grade encryption and therefore we will not be transferring over any existing banking details. This process takes about one minute to complete.


            Is my information safe?

Yes. Shortlist leverages bank-grade encryption and industry best practices for collecting and storing all information.

Can you migrate my existing payment details?

No. For security purposes, any existing bank account details are encrypted and will be deleted from the system after you add new bank details. Please note that this is also a good time for you to review your bank account details and ensure you’re using the most up to date account information.

How will this affect my 1099?

The payment system upgrade will have no impact on your 1099. At the end of the year, you’ll receive a notification to confirm your personal details and in January 2021 you’ll receive your 1099 via email. All amounts paid to you in 2020, regardless of which version of Shortlist Pay or which bank account, will be included.

How do I know emails are from Shortlist?

Please note that we will never ask for your username or password in emails and we suggest you never send these to anyone over email. When you are on a Shortlist page you should always see the ‘lock’ icon, as shown below. This confirms the page is securely signed by a trusted certificate provider (AWS)