Scheduling of Requisition/Job Opening will allow admins to set a specific day or a recurring period when they would like to make a draft requisition live.
Schedule action is introduced for all job openings in the draft status. This action will not be available for any other statuses.

Clicking on 'Schedule' action will give admin different options to schedule. You can schedule the job opening either on a particular day or at a recurring period: Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Once the job opening is scheduled, the job opening is moved from the 'Current' to the 'Scheduled' tab with scheduled status. The scheduled tab shows the details of the job opening and also the date when it is scheduled for.

You can use the reschedule option before the scheduled date if needed.

The Job pening will automatically go live on the specified date or the date as per the recurring period selected and will be moved back to the 'Current' tab where all the active job openings are listed.

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