With our new upgraded Shortlist Pay service we also introduce a new Bank Details Form (BDF) for our customers. New BDF allows users to enter and update their bank details as well as check their payability status. Updated form also includes help sidebar and contextual hints to clearly walk vendors through bank details filling process. Please note that we are required to collect certain information for regulatory and tax compliance reasons. Protecting your personal information is our top priority which is why we use bank-level security to keep your information safe. Here is a short explanation of how new BDF works and how to fill it out properly.

1. Go to Settings -> Bank Details by clicking on the circle with your avatar, then Settings -> Bank details on the left sidebar.

2. Now you can see the new Bank Details Form. Select desired Bank Account Country and Currency from the two top dropdowns.

3. Select options to enter your bank details using Account Number or Local Account Details. 
Note that these fields may vary based on currency and country selection in the previous step.

4. Enter the rest of your bank details according to help sidebar, contextual hints. 

5. Provide your address information for banking system purposes.

6. Fill out intermediary account information. Note that this information is optional. Upon completion click on the "Save Changes" button to verify if entered information is valid.

7. After saving your Bank Details you can see a status information box at the top of the form. Blue status indicates that your bank details are verified and you are ready to recieve payments, yellow and red statuses are explained below.

8. If any problems has occured while processing your payment, you will see three kinds of errors on Payments view as well as on Bank Details Form.

Yellow status: Indicates that you will need to provide extra documents (eg. tax or anti-money laundering related) to continue your payment being processed.

Red Status: Indicates different errors described in the error message, all of them are critical and prevents your payments from being processed.

Red status with "Update Bank Details" button: Indicates that Shortlist was trying to process your payment but it bounced back due to numerous reasons. Adding new expenses and receiving payments is locked until you update your bank details and get a blue payability status.

For any questions related to payment status or bank details confirmation, reach out to payments@shortlist.co.